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Your Privacy
The Internet is a powerful tool and we understand the importance of your privacy. We are committed to providing an Internet experience that respects and protects your personal privacy.

Our Privacy Policy
1. The Rootsweb on-line database does not display details of people born after 1930, but the GNO, GED and PDF files linked on our home page do. Although this is all public information, please respect other people's privacy accordingly.
2. We only accept and maintain personal information on users 18 years and over, unless we receive parental or guardian permission.
3. We will not release any personally identifiable private information about you without your permission.
4. You should be aware that everyone can view guestbook information and that we have no control over information posted. Entries are routinely monitored for acceptability. Your entry can be deleted or changed by sending us an e-mail request to do so.
5. Posted information required to satisfy our obligation to give copyright credits is not a breach of our pledge. It is only an acknowledgement of ownership or our fulfillment of a request.
6. E-mail addresses may be saved to our personal address book for the purpose of sending site updates or personal messages. In order to insure your privacy, our mailings are not grouped to multiple recipients. We will not endeavor to sell any products or services, send spam or otherwise solicit. You may request, at any time, to be removed from our personal mailing list.
7. We use a third party to collect site traffic information. This information is used to monitor performance, diagnose site problems or to make improvements. We do not store any personal information about any person.
8. We do not use cookies.
9. You can manage and control the information that you have voluntarily provided by sending us an email.
10. Please contact us if you have privacy questions or concerns so that we can respond.

Copyright and Statement Of Use
We adhere to all copyright laws and protocols. Information and material that is presented on this website may not be taken, used or altered without our express written permission. Content that is not original to this website was either gathered from the "Public Domain", which conforms to the "Free Use" criteria of the Internet, used through properly licensed software or are used with express permission. Credits, permission statements and/or copyright information is posted on the site page where such material may be used. Links to other sites have been established with either implied or direct permission to do so. We accept no responsibility or liability for content on this site given to us with a misrepresentation of copyright, ownership or valid authorization.

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