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Douw Fonda, Major Jelles Fonda and Captain Adam Fonda are frequently referred to in the non-fiction novel In the Valley'(1889) by Harold Frederic. "The original Danascara mansion sat on the other side of the road, closer to the Mohawk River than the current house. It was attacked in 1780 during a suprise raid by Torys and Indians who came down the Danascara Creek, between the high walls of the gorge, to avoid detection. Colonel Visher (Vischer, Fisher), who fought in the Battle of Oriskany, survived the raid and in 1795 built the house that is now for sale. The original house is the setting for Harold Frederic’s novel, In The Valley. Frederic was from Utica and hob-nobbed with the likes of Mark Twain. His name has slipped into obscurity, although his novel The Damnation Of Theron Ware is still considered a minor masterpiece. Read Frederic’s article, The Mohawk Valley During The Revolution from Harper’s New Monthly Magazine. / Volume 55, Issue 326 July 1877." Upstream. A Mohawk Valley Blogzine.
Douw Fonda is also in the novels by Robert W. Chambers dealing with Mohawk Valley and Tryon County history. From the Preface of 'The Reckoning': "The author's intention is to treat, in a series (Cardigan Series) of four or five romances, that part of the war for independence which particularly affected the great landed families of Northern New York: the Johnsons, represented by Sir William, Sir John, Guy Johnson, and Colonel Claus; the notorious Butlers, father and son; the Schuylers, Van Rensselaers, and others."
Drums Along the Mohawk is a historical novel of the American Revolution written by Walter D. Edmonds. Published in 1936 and extremely popular, it was made into a film in 1939. The setting is the Mohawk River Valley during the American Revolution, which was subjected to numerous raids by the British, American Tories, and their Iroquois allies. Included in both works is a fictitious representation of the siege of Fort Stanwix. In the movie, Henry Fonda played pioneer settler Gil Martin, with Claudette Colbert as his wife Magdalena "Lana" Martin. Some of the main characters, including the Martins, are ficticious, but the novel remains historically accurate. The scalping of Douw Fonda is mentioned in Chapter VIII - McKlennar's: 1780 - 3. In The Valley, p. 513, "Sir John brought five hundred men across the Sacandaga flows. He's struck the valley by Johnstown. They say he's burned down every house in Caughnawaga. He's killed fifty or sixty people. Old Fonda that used to be his neighbor, eighty years old, scalped on his front door."
Albert Fonda is featured in the fictional novel Miss Bishop (1933) by Bess Streeter Aldrich - "Ella Bishop came to college a healthy, country-bred girl, alive to ever fresh sensation, with an infinite capacity for work, love, and understanding. Her abundant energy and devotion to learning made her a superior student and later a gifted teacher. But her smile concealed more than one youthful tragedy, and tragedy did not stop with youth. Albert Fonda is in the storyline from start to finish, as a grade school classmate and then as a college professor of astronomy. The 1941 movie, 'Cheers for Miss Bishop', was based on this novel." (although the character is not named Fonda)
Nature Girl by Carl Hiaasen (2006) "Old fans and newcomers alike should delight in Hiaasen's 11th novel (after 2004's Skinny Dip), another hilarious Florida romp. The engaging and diverse screwball cast includes Boyd Shreave, a semicompetent telemarketer; Shreave's mistress and co-worker, Eugenie Fonda; Honey Santana, a mercurial gadfly who ends up on the other end of one of Shreave's pitches for Florida real estate; and Sammy Tigertail, half Seminole, who at novel's start must figure out what to do with the body of a tourist who dies of a heart attack on Sammy's airboat after being struck by a harmless water snake."


THE BOB CUMMINGS SHOW (also called LOVE THAT BOB) NBC/CBS/Lourmac / 173x30m-e / 1955-59 Producers: Bob Cummings, Al Simon, Bob Mosher, Paul Henning. Plot Outline: The romantic misadventures of Bob Collins, a suave, sophisticated bachelor and photographer operating in Hollywood, California. The show centers around his womanizing ways with his models, and his sister's attempts to make him settle down. Veteran actor Lyle Talbot played Paul Fonda, a military buddy of Bob's, who would appear occasionally (all 5 seasons). Bob thought Paul was a wolf with the women, so Bob really didn't like it when Paul wanted a date with Margaret. One episode was called: "The Return of the Wolf or Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonda."

James D. Fonda - 1956 8th Emmy Awards - Nominee - Best Producer - Film Series (You Are There) - winner was Disneyland (Walt Disney) . Credits include Dick Tracy, Hazel, Alcoa Theatre, Adventure Showcase, =Goodyear Theatre, Gunsmoke, Dennis the Menace, The End of the Dalton Gang, Hitler Invades Poland, The Scuttling of the Graf Spee, Spindletop - The First Great Texas Oil Strike, The Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and The Amos 'n Andy Show.[IMDb] [IMDb]

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Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Peter Fonda, Bridget Fonda - major motion picture stars - see Notables

Mrs. Eva Fonda is a Philippine remake of the 1976 movie of Alma Moreno. It was written by Pablo S. Gomez. The movie became a blockbuster and helped in reviving the film that launched the career of the then upcoming starlet Alma Moreno. The movie also contributed to the popularity of the bomba (sexy) films in the Philippines. [IMDb]


There are many Restaurants and Cantinas that incorporate the name 'Fonda', which means 'small restaurant' in Spanish. Here are a few examples:

Port Fonda

Port Fonda - Kansas City, MO

"Inventive Mexican food - unlike anything else around town"

What started as Kansas City’s most talked about dining experience — authentic Mexican cuisine served from custom Airstream trailer — Port Fonda has taken that grassroots success and turned it into one of Kansas Cities most compelling restaurants. A home away from home for people that value quality, local ingredients, and creative expressions of rustic Mexican cuisine. see: link1, link2

Fonda East Village

Fonda Comida Mexicana - New York City, NY

Celebrated chef and cookbook author Roberto Santibañez has created a rare New York restaurant: a relaxed, affordable neighborhood spot that also serves exciting contemporary Mexican cuisine. Santibañez blends care and authenticity with the creative urban flourishes that distinguish the food of his native Mexico City. At Fonda’s three locations — in Chelsea, the East Village, and Park Slope, Brooklyn — the tortillas are hand-pressed, the guacamole is made to order, and the margaritas are thoughtfully crafted. see: link1, link2

Fonda East Village

Fonda San Miguel - Austin, TX

An Austin tradition, Fonda San Miguel has been serving interior Mexican cuisine to Austin families for more than three decades. Set amid a central Austin neighborhood and adorned with luscious works of Mexican art, this gourmand’s paradise began as a way to showcase the recipes of one of the owner’s grandmothers. Known for its mole, Acapulco-style ceviche, lavish Sunday brunch, and killer margaritas, Fonda San Miguel proves that Tex-Mex is not the “whole enchilada” when it comes to Mexican food. see: link1, link2


There are many merchandise items that incorporate the name 'Fonda', which seems to be gaining in popularity. Here are a few examples:

Henry Fonda Rose

Henry Fonda Hybrid Tea Rose
Dynamic Yellow Blooms Glow Against Dark Green Foliage
Rich, Vivid Color with Subtle, Sweet Aroma
Named for one of Hollywood's brightest stars, these hybrid teas stand out in crowd! The rich yellow blooms, composed of up to 25 petals each, open to 4½ inches in width, offering a sweet, subtle fragrance. Introduced in the United States by Bear Creek Gardens, Inc. in 1996 as the 'Henry Fonda'. see: link1, link2, link3

Fonda Sandal

Fonda Perforated Sandal by Bella Vita

Pierced leather detailed with breezy waves of teardrop perforations bring summery versatility to a go-anywhere sandal on a trend-friendly block heel.

see: link1, link2, link3


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