Fonda Name Throughout the World

Also see Fonda Surname Distribution

Alessandro Fonda (Professor) Lorenzo Fonda (Physician, Artist) YouTube
Carlo Fonda (PhD Physics) Lorenzo Fonda (Director) Interview
Enrico Fonda (Artist) Lorenzo Fonda (Musician)
Enrico Fonda (Sailboat Racing) Sergio Fonda (Professor)
Ezio Fonda (Sailboat Racing)  
Slovenian Genealogical Society - about 450 Fonda's listed, 1660-present, mostly in towns of Cornial, Lokev and Verhpolle.
Robert Fonda (Computer Engineer)
Ugo Fonda (Commercial Diver, Research Chemist, Deputy Mayor - Pirano)
Rest of Europe
Romania - Miguel Fonda-Stefanescu (Diplomat)
Rest of World
Australia - David Fonda (Physician) - Victor Fonda (Chamber Governor)
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