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Military Ranks and Units

Modern US Military Ranks

Pay Scale Ab. Army Air Force Marines Ab. Navy and Coast Guard
Commissioned Officers
O-10 GEN Army Chief of Staff
Air Force Chief of Staff
Commandant of the M.C.
ADM Chief of Naval Operations
Commandant of the C.G.
O-9 LTG Lieutenant General Lieutenant General Lieutenant General VADM Vice Admiral
O-8 MG Major General Major General Major General RADM Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
O-7 BG Brigadier General Brigadier General Brigadier General COMO Rear Admiral (Commodore)
O-6 COL Colonel Colonel Colonel CAPT Captain
O-5 LTC Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Lieutenant Colonel CDR Commander
O-4 MAJ Major Major Major LTC Lieutenant Commander
O-3 CPT Captain Captain Captain LT Lieutenant
O-2 1LT 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant LTJG Lieutenant Junior Grade
O-1 2LT 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lieutenant ENS Ensign
Non-Commissioned Officers
E-9 SGM Command Sergeant Major
Sergeant Major
First Sergeant
Chief Master Sergeant
Sergeant Major
Master Gunnery Sergeant
MCPO Master Chief Petty Officer
E-8 1SGT First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
First Sergeant
Senior Master Sergeant
First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
SCPO Senior Chief Petty Officer
E-7 SFC Sergeant First Class First Sergeant
Master Sergeant
Gunnery Sergeant CPO Chief Petty Officer
E-6 SSG Staff Sergeant Technical Sergeant Staff Sergeant PO1 Petty Officer First Class
E-5 SGT Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant PO2 Petty Officer Second Class
E-4 CPL Corporal        
Enlisted Personnel
E-4 SPC Specialist Senior Airman Corporal PO3 Petty Officer Third Class
E-3 PFC Private First Class Airman First Class Lance Corporal SA2 Seaman
E-2 PV2 Private Airman Private First Class SA Seaman Apprentice
E-1 PVT Private (Recruit) Airman Basic  Private SR Seaman Recruit

Modern Military Unit Size

Size, composition and leadership of military units vary with circumstances, time and place.
Unit Approximate
Composition Typical
Army 100,000 2+ corps & HQ General
Corps 30,000+ 2+ divisions Lt. General
Division 15,000+ 3 brigades & HQ & support units Maj. General
Brigade 4,500+ 3+ regiments & HQ Brig. General
Regiment 1,500+ 2+ battalions & HQ Colonel
Battalion 700 4+ companies & HQ Lt. Colonel
Company 175 4 platoons & HQ Captain
Platoon 40 4 squads Lieutenant
Squad 10 10 men Staff Sergeant
Source: Eastern Connecticut State University
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